This stage would be open from January 10, 2017 to Feb 20, 2017. Teams are required to submit their idea in not more than 750 words by Feb 20, 2017 end of day.

Present an idea that will create jobs in the future in India. The idea can be related to any sector; it can be the solution to any problem; it can also be any opportunity identified by you.

  1. The idea submission for the first stage should be under 750 words.
  2. The idea submission should be in .doc/docx format.
  3. The naming convention for idea submission should be TeamName_Stage1_Axis Moves 2017
  4. The idea should be feasible, implementable and scalable in the current scenario. The idea should economical and achievable in the realms of reality.
  5. In further rounds of the competition you would be required to present a Business Plan on your idea.

As part of the initial evaluation process you will also be presented with a sectoral quiz consisting of ten questions after you upload your idea. The quiz will test your basic knowledge in the sector you have chosen. The quiz score will be added to the final evaluation.

Participants are advised to submit their entries in advance to avoid any last minute hassles due to heavy traffic.

There must be 2 participants in a team. Individual submissions are not allowed.


Business Plan Submission

20th Feb, 2017 – March 1st, 2017

Top 180 ideas will be selected for the 2nd stage where the teams will have to prepare a business plan for the idea presented in stage 1.

This stage would be open from March 1, 2017 to March 14th, 2017. The business plan needs to be submitted by March 14th, 2017 end of day.

The business plan template would be shared for the same along with the guidelines on the submissions.

Announcement of Top 50

March 23rd, 2017 – March 25th, 2017

The top 50 teams will be invited for the finale where there would a faceoff between the teams

The participants would be engaging in various activities on which they would be assessed

The travelling, fooding and lodging expenses of the participants at this stage will be borne by Axis Bank.

We went on streets across India and asked the working class what they thought would happen to the future of their jobs in India.

Will robots take over their jobs in the future? This is what they had to say….

Grand Finale

8th April 2017 (Saturday)

Teams would have to present their idea and business plan in front of an esteemed jury comprising of senior leaders and industry experts.

Teams get 20 mins for the presentation which would be followed by a Q&A session for 10 minutes.




The winning team will receive Prize Money of Rs 25 lacs (including Rs. 5 lacs seed funding for the start-up)


The team coming second will get a Prize Money of Rs 15 lacs (including Rs 5 lacs seed funding for the start-up)


The team coming third will get a Prize Money of Rs 10 lacs (including Rs 5 lacs seed funding for the start-up)


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